Light Work Healing

Many of us carry the burden of old stories and blocks that can manifest in this third-dimensional reality as debilitating patterns, blocks to things we desire in our world, or as physical pain and disease. I help you get to the inception point of where this block began and help you connect consciously to this point so that you can reframe it, moving towards resolving your spiritual pain by removing old emotions and experiences that have been dragging you down. This enables you to see without the veil of old stories and your current perception, and removes the obstacles holding you back from living your best life.


What are the benefits?

Light Work Healing can:

- Enhance mental, spiritual, emotional, physical and sexual wellness

- Heal unresolved issues in the body, mind, and spirit

- Assist in identifying and removing unperceived obstacles held in your aura

- Inspire you and help you transition to a place for significant transformation 

- Help you let go of negative past experiences and trauma, including past life times

- Bring you a higher state of consciousness and enlightenment


This is how it works:

Your reality is based on the filters of what you believe is true. Your filters are what determine what you perceive in this reality. When you are experiencing a recurring issue and feel like you’ve tried everything to shift this, it may be the time to change that filter of perception and get clear on the pathways being affected by that filter. Once the filter is identified and you accept it as true, we connect to the inception point and are in a better position to remove it from your field and reframe this belief so that you can move forward. As a result you will see things differently and will have the opportunity to do things differently, encoding this new understanding into your cellular memory.


In the shamanic quantum physical way, past, present, and future happen at the same time and if we don’t address these blocks, they will continue to reveal themselves until we consciously address the issue and change that filter. Everything we do is a movement towards your dharma. In the physical, three-dimensional world sometimes you have to do something completely different which at times could be uncomfortable and not familiar in order to move on and access your higher potential.


The Process:

Using the medicine wheel and the four directions, we first put the trouble or block that you are looking to address in the middle of the wheel. I then take you around the wheel in the four cardinal directions to uncover how this issue is affecting the various aspects of your being based on that point of the wheel:

Once the total scope of the issue is identified and it’s clear to my client on how this issue is affecting their totality, I then take my client through a meditation to relay information I gather from their higher-self, guides, ancestors, and what is presented to me through meditation to help my client see the inception point or the source of this non-serving belief which usually stems from a historic event or contract.


The person then has the ability to do a recapitulation, (reframe) so that we can energetically shift the pattern. Once we identify it, if the client is ready, I then perform an energetic cutting and/or relay steps to the client that they need to take to deepen their understanding of this old belief and give them steps to transforming it.

"Patrizia is a gifted and skilled light worker and healer. She deals masterfully with the most complex, deep, and mysterious issues that restrict the divine flow of life!! Her insights are right on – even startling! One has no doubt she sees deep within YOU and addresses concerns with crystal clarity and the deepest compassion. Her work provides an amazing and priceless inner journey for those seeking true healing!"


Premsuhk Kaur

If you are interested in getting a Light Work Healing session contact me at 806-220-6551 to discuss.