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What Clients Say About This Experience

"My initial reaction when I first saw the painting was to cry, although it wasn’t until much later that I understood why.  It was an overwhelming moment because I soon came to realize the painting was depicting a window into my soul and allowing me to take the first step on an exciting journey of self-discovery.  Many years later, I now know the title of my painting to be - ‘Beneath the Surface’, revealing those parts of my being hidden from my view. Much Love"




Soul Awakening Program

Awaken your Soul,

Reveal your Essence, and

Connect with Your True Purpose!

Light Warrior Artist and Healer Patrizia da Milano combines her vast knowledge and wisdom, experiences, and talents into a transformative program designed to help you build the courage, confidence, and wisdom to fulfill your Sacred Dream!

What Is the Soul Awakening Program?

Patrizia leads clients through the Soul Emergence Process, a 90-day journey of co-creation that leads toward the fulfillment of one's destiny. 

The process begins with four Light Work sessions, each spaced two weeks apart. In these sessions a gentle, trance-like state is created through grounding and meditation, allowing our higher selves to connect. Here, Patrizia serves as a conduit to transmit the information your higher self wishes to give you about what you need to remember to fulfill your highest potential.

Together, you will work to clear hidden beliefs, old contracts, and any other block preventing you from living your true purpose.

As the essence of your soul emerges, your higher self will reveal the visions that will be translated into your Soul Portrait, a vibrant, original painting. It will serve as a portal to your higher self and a reminder of your sacred purpose in life, no matter what future obstacles you may encounter.

Once the sessions are complete, you will enter into a period of integration while your Soul Portrait is created. Once it is complete, it will be revealed to you. When you receive it, you will have a beautiful visual tool to help you stay focused on your destiny as you move toward living and fulfilling your truth.

What Can the Soul Awakening Program
Help Me to Do?

The Soul Awakening Program can help you to heal patterns

and release outdated / adopted beliefs, release stagnate emotions creating dis-ease in your body, and heal relationships.

It can connect you to your higher purpose and inspire life-transforming, positive change.

When you receive your Soul Portrait, it will invite you to remember who you truly are and realize what you need to reconnect with in order to live your truth.

How Do Light Work Sessions Work?

Unless you live locally, your Light Work sessions will take place virtually over the phone or video conferencing. This does not affect the quality of our connection or the transmission whatsoever. These are one hour sessions.

When you enter into a session, you will be guided to relay different ‘scenarios’ that you see. These scenarios represent certain pieces of your lifetime (and possibly lifetimes) and contain vital clues regarding who you truly are. These scenes contain visual and energetic information that help you to receive the information you need in this lifetime.

This information will continue to unfold over the four sessions. You will be asked to enter an integration period between each session, and Patrizia will be taking the information revealed into deep meditation, as it will continue to provide insights that will lead to the creation of your Soul Portrait.

How Does the Soul Portrait Get Created?

After your sessions, all of the information revealed will present visions to Patrizia in deep meditation. Then the painting begins, creating an illustration of the pieces.  During the painting process, new insights will continue to present themselves and they are channeled into the painting. Patrizia engages with all of the information from your sessions and any new-found epiphanies for four to six  weeks until there is a feeling of completion.


Once the painting is complete, it will presented to you.

Your Soul Portrait is a window into the intentions of your higher self. Integration of this information may come swiftly, but more frequently requires time for reflection. Your Soul Portrait will continue to be a source of awareness and inspiration throughout this lifetime.

Soul Portrait - Soul Awakening Program
Soul Portrait - Soul Awakening Program
Soul Portrait - Soul Awakening Program.jpeg
Soul Portrait - Soul Awakening Program

What's Included

Your 90-Day Experience Includes:

  • 4 in-person* or virtual one-on-one sessions with Patrizia, each two weeks apart

  • Your Soul Portrait Painting, 24" x 30" work on canvas (takes 4-6 weeks)

  • Online reveal session, where you will see your portrait

  • Information on how to use your portrait

Once your program is complete, you may wish to continue Light Work sessions with Patrizia to deepen your experience and continue your healing work. Post-program session packages are available.

*in person sessions must take place in Trinidad, Colorado.

If you are interested in the Soul Awakening Program,

please contact Patrizia for more information.

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