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"My higher self painting has been a guiding beacon and a symbol to expand my consciousness, embracing my true power, beauty, and light. The weaving, layering of symbols, and unparalleled artistry channeled through Dreams Through Waters guides me to shift out of my everyday mask of self importance and enter the realm of cosmic connectedness. I have fallen in love with the images and places they take me, journeys of travel within my being, allowing exploration and discovery- a journey to my soul. Dreams Through Waters carries a unique and powerful gift - creative expression of our highest self, which untangles the limiting and restrictive ways we see ourselves. I am forever grateful to have this incredible reflection of my being. Thank you from the bottom and depth of my heart"


Laurie Higgins Kerley Mountain Star Light

"The Higher Self painting was a Wonderful Enlightenment for Our(my husband and my) Journey.  It suits us perfectly.  It Still Continues to Enlighten Me.  I Love it.  I see it every night before I go into my dreamtime and remember my purpose and path.  We have bargained for a Big Part in this evolution of the Amarillo area. The Vision of us on Canvas Helps us to Stay Focused on Our Purpose."


Sarah Black Light Dancing Leaves

"My initial reaction when I first saw the painting was to cry, although it wasn’t until much later that I understood why.  It was an overwhelming moment because I soon came to realize the painting was depicting a window into my soul and allowing me to take the first step on an exciting journey of self-discovery.  Many years later, I now know the title of my painting to be - ‘Beneath the Surface’, revealing those parts of my being hidden from my view"


Much Love –Linda

"Dreams Through Waters Dreamed-in, Channeled, and painted my first Higher Self Painting shortly after we finished teaching together in Mystery School at Morton's Warm Springs in Glen Ellen, CA in 2008.  It had been a very intense & magical experience.


I felt an emptiness after the completion of the school, wanted & needed a deeper connection to, and understanding of, my Higher Self, a physical symbol in this 3rd Dimension to support me in my continued growth & my Soul's evolution.  Since we experience life through physical symbols, my magnificent Higher Self Painting supports me in this endeavor.  I love seeing it every day hanging above my Mesa in my Sacred Dream Chamber, look at it every night before going into Dreamtime.  It supports me in a Beauty Way, reminding me of who I am, who I have been and Guiding me, based on this remembering, who I can become.


This first Higher Self Painting has provided such Beauty, so much support that I had Dreams Channel & Create a 2nd Higher Self Painting after I experienced a tremendous Healing of a very serious health issue in 2015.  It hangs above my bed in my Sacred Sleep Chamber so that I can access it's Power, Healing & Support during my Dreamtime travels and my awake experience in this unreal world, the Illusion.  It grounds me & Guides me, Supports me in my Highest Experience to remember & know my Guides & Allies.


I highly recommend a Dreams Through Waters' Higher-Self Painting if you are looking for Guidance, Knowing, Understanding & more Magick in your experience."


A Ho!  Raven Fire Star

"Patrizia ‘s Gong Immersion class was fantastic. The gongs created a powerfully transcendent experience, quieting my mind and allowing me to deeply relax. In addition, the beautiful setting, focused yoga set, guided meditation, and gentle wisdom of Patrizia contributed to a beautiful evening of spiritual connection and community. Thank you!"



"I have had the pleasure of attending many of Patrizia’s gong immersions, but one session was particularly memorable.


The session began with the standard practice of setting an intention to receive the healing of the gongs. I set my intention as the desire to soften my approach to the experience of life.


I remember the vibrations of the gongs flowing like water, washing over rocks, and I was aware of a gentle sensation of erosion. At times I felt like I was the rock, but as the immersion deepened, my awareness increased—I was, instead, the entity at play between the vibrations of the gongs and the rocks.


And as the session came to a close, the vibrations of the gongs were so fluid that they traveled from my crown chakra to the base of my spine, and I felt the vibrations ripple, undulate, and soften the core of my essence.


It is beautiful how responsive the gongs are to our intentions!"


Claire Erickson Crain

Writer, Editor, Creative Consultant

The Sparrow’s Quill

"I have found Patrizia’s work to be a very profound and powerful tool on my personal journey. After working with her for over a year, my perspective allows me to see how masterfully and intentionally she is able to tune into what is relevant for my growth in that exact moment. She makes space for whatever comes up with reverence and also a sense of humor. Her connection with the guides is sweet, honest and nurturing. What a gift!"



"It's hard to put into words how much Hari Raj's gong immersions have connected with my soul. I look forward to each one, it feels like a necessary and important part of my mental well-being.  It gives me such a sense of grounding, connection, and most of all - calm, that I have not been able to achieve anywhere else. I'm so grateful to be a part of it"



"I met Patrizia four years ago - just before she moved to Santa Fe.  I knew that she was a gifted spiritual teacher the moment I met her.  What I didn’t realize was that she was passionate about the use of gongs as a spiritual and healing modality until she played for my husband who returned from the gong experience with tales of how the gongs reverberated with truth deep within his being. Since then, I have attended her monthly Shift to Evolve gong baths.  The gongs work on a level that taps into vibrational healing.  The sound of the gong helps one to be transported into a broad sense of relaxation that facilitates a type of meditation that seems to carry one into a deep meditative state.  The benefits have included clarity of mind,  a greater sense of focus, relaxation, calms the nervous system, and an overall sense well-beginning allowing for healing to occur within the physical body."


Christe E

"I have recently become a student of Kundalini yoga; combined with gong and light healing, under the guidance of Patrizia. As part of her classes Patrizia brings her “gongs” to life, which bring about a feeling of tranquility and peace. Her calm approach and lighthearted nature make her a most trusted spiritual guide. I seem to be feeling that I am back on the road of discovery."


David Reiss

"After my first experience at one of Patrizia's Gong Immersion sessions, it became something that I regularly seek.  My life is in a constant state of energetic activity and at this Gong Immersion my mind was able to be quiet and my soul at peace.  At the end of it, I felt renewed and rejuvenated,  like waking up after a restful night's sleep.  Even for a few days after I was still able to experience mental clarity and reduced stress.  The only way to understand a Gong Immersion is to feel it for yourself. "

Colette M. Armijo

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