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About Patrizia

I draw from my extensive healing and art background to help you break through your blocks and take the next healing steps through painting, gong and light work


Ciao! My name is Patrizia, and I am so excited to welcome you here!


Growing up in Milan, Italy, a city filled with art and beauty, I had a great source of inspiration all around. The beautiful surroundings in my early years sparked my passion for art and I discovered its nurturing and healing effects. This encouraged me to start painting and experimenting with colors as a child and later enroll into the San Antonio Art Institute to earn my Bachelor Degree in Painting and Sculpture. My early years and studies of art laid the foundation for my healing practices.


My life’s journey has taken me from Italy to Santa Fe where I am a practicing Light Energy Healer, Gong Master and Yogi. Once I moved to the States, I began experiencing more and more serendipitous connections. Many different people told me I had a very healing presence and that my touch was soothing. I embraced these qualities as they came naturally to me and I studied an array of modalities including Metis Medicine Way; Kundalini Yoga; Gong Sound Therapy; Purusharta Coaching, Reiki Healing; Light Energy Healing; and Shamanic Visionary Art to amplify them further. Blending my art into these teachings I have created a unique method that I use to help you undo blocks, achieve clearings and self-transformation. I have also been able to develop a unique ability to unveil a person’s true self and capture this vision in a painting that I call, Higher Self Healing Through Painting.

Let me ask you this:

Are you carrying the burden of old stories and emotions?
Are you feeling stuck in life and unsure of what to do next?
Are you in a relationship or life situation that is not serving you?

In my practice, I encounter these types of questions and blocks daily and I have perfected my ability to clear them.

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