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Unveil the guidance of your higher self through painting, sound healing and light work

Patrizia Da Milano is a dynamic Colorado based Healer and Artist where she combines her life-long passion and decades of experience in creating art, with her study and mastery of the healing arts. She specializes in a number of modalities that she combines into a unique blend to help her clients heal unresolved issues in the mind, body and spirit, allowing them to access higher states of consciousness and enlightenment.

Is your old story and pattern dragging you down?
Are you stuck and looking for a different way to break through?
Have you been on your healing path for some time and are looking for ways to amplify your healing?

No matter where you are on your healing journey, Patrizia brings a fresh and very different approach to assist you. Through gong therapy, medicine light work, and painting; and decades of healing experience, study, practice, and deep intuition, she helps you access a deeper level of self-awareness and healing. After a session with Patrizia you will feel renewed, inspired and clear.  


Soul Awakening



Experience your soul's awakening through this powerful program that combines Light Work healing, meditation, and other modalities with a visual representation of your higher self. After gaining insight into your soul's purpose here, Patrizia will capture your “true self” in a unique painting that captures a window into your soul and will serve as a guiding light throughout your life journey.


Light Work


Many of us carry the burden of old stories and blocks that can manifest in this third-dimensional reality as debilitating patterns, blocks to things we desire in our world, or as physical pain and disease. With Light Work Healing Patrizia helps you get to the inception point of where this block began, helping you see without the veil of old stories and your current perception, and removes the obstacles holding you back from living your best life.


Clearing & Gong Therapy Combo


This powerful combination helps to clear stress and energetic blocks, and shifts your vibration allowing you to embody your new state of being on a cellular level. The gong is a powerful amplification device in allowing all aspects of YOU to surrender permitting you to feel what it means to be your authentic self. These sessions are excellent for bringing clarity to both small and life-changing decisions, and will provide you with a different perspective.

Color Pencils
Group event:
Break Through the Fear of Drawing Workshops

Together we explore and release any inhibitions to fail. Join Patrizia for a full-day drawing workshop starting with a creativity-enhancing yoga session. This is the perfect group event for visitors or Santa Fe residents ready to explore their creativity!

Group event:
Break Through the Fear of Drawing Workshops
Group event:
Gong Puja

Gong Puja is a celebration and sound meditation. Yogi Bhajan, the Master of Kundalini Yoga indicated that having a 45-minute Gong Bath for 10 days in a row could heal anyone of anything. Since its nearly impossible to have a person come back for 10 straight days of gong therapy, Gong Puja was born! Offered twice a year. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 09.46.20.png
Group event:
Shift to Emerge

One Friday a month, Patrizia guides you through a journey using Kundalini Yoga incorporating Yogic Numerology, Meditation, and 45 minutes of Gong and sometimes with special guests.  Participants will  start with yoga to activate the pranic body then be guided  through a meditation to access the subtle energies, followed by the Gong and other sound vibrations.  

"Patrizia has a gentle way of helping you see the truth behind situations and events. Her calming approach instantly puts you at ease, allowing space for true healing and growth to happen. Because of my positive and highly effective experiences with her, I would definitely recommend Patrizia’s services to anyone and everyone!"


Sara from Austin, TX

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