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Drawing workshop

Break Through the Fear of Drawing Workshops


Together we explore and release any inhibitions to fail. There are no rights or wrongs in my drawing workshops. I create a safe place for you to explore your creativity and have a fun and unusual day out in Santa Fe!


This is what we do:

Together, with a small group, in an intimate setting, start the workshop with a creativity boosting yoga session and meditation to ground us, set the intention for the day, and open our minds and creativity. I will then teach you the alphabet of drawing, a system to help you develop your skills and technique. You will walk away with new learnings to practice at home and a desire to continue to explore your creativity!

We start the day at 10am, have a break for lunch, and continue until 4pm.

Workshop Itinerary:


Kundalini Yoga Class


Drawing class begins

Break for lunch

Drawing and exercises



$150 includes the cost of all materials

Nothing to book at the moment
Gong Puja

Gong Puja


Gong Puja is a celebration and sound meditation. Yogi Bhajan, the Master of Kundalini Yoga indicated that having a 45-minute Gong Bath for 10 days in a row could heal anyone of anything. Since its nearly impossible to have a person come back for 10 straight days of gong therapy, Gong Puja was born!

This is what we do:
The Gong Puja is an overnight experience that lasts about 7 1/2 hours which is the equivalent of 10 x 45 minute Gong Baths. During the Puja, we meditate or rather sleep but we are awake in a dream while being immersed in the sound of these sacred instruments. 

Bring your intention and join us for this full night of healing vibration and the sound of the gong. I have experienced and seen amazing clearings and healings take place during these unique events.

Event schedule & Bookings


The Gong Puja is a truly unique-to-Santa Fe-experience that is held only two times a year for a limited sized group. Book your experience well in advance to make sure you don’t miss out!


Space is limited.


Minimum Donation - $81 (fills up quickly, so book in advance!)

No refunds 48 hours before the event

Nothing to book at the moment
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