Higher Self Painting 

I have a unique way to capture your “higher true self” in a painting that opens your eyes to your true purpose. Through in-person or virtual sessions, deep meditation, and the ability to listen to your multi-dimensionality, I derive the information I need to paint a portrait with the intention of portraying the Light Body in a way that can be perceived by the five senses, and also to assist the viewer with their path of spiritual transformation.

"The Higher Self painting was a wonderful enlightenment for our (my husband and my) journey. It suits us perfectly. It still continues to enlighten me. I love it! I see it every night before I go into my dreamtime and drift off to sleep with a reminder of my purpose and path.We have bargained for a big part in this evolution of the Amarillo area. The “Vision” of us on canvas helps us stay focused on our purpose"


Sarah Light Dancing Leaves

What are the benefits?

A Higher Self Healing Session and Painting can:

- Help heal patterns and unnerving believes

- Connect you to your higher purpose

- Help heal relationships

- Help release stagnate emotions that are creating disease in your body

- Inspire a life transformation and positive change


When you receive your painting, you will likely: 

Remember who you truly are.

Realize what you need to reconnect with.


This is how it works:


When I take a person into a session, I guide them to relay different ‘scenarios’ that they see to me. These scenarios represent certain pieces of their lifetime (and possibly lifetimes) and contain vital clues into who they truly are. These scenes contain visual and energetic information that help my client and me receive the information they need in this lifetime.


Once we have been able to connect with their higher self in this way, I take this information into deep meditation where I receive additional insights about my client. Once I feel that this initial investigation is complete I start to work on their painting to illustrate the information that has been presented. While I’m painting new insights present themselves and I simply channel that information into the painting of the Higher Self. I engage with this information and new-found epiphanies for several weeks until there is a feeling of completion.


Once the painting is complete I then present the finished Higher Self portrait to my client, and witness them take in the mirror of that which reflects back to them – usually with great emotion. The client then leaves with the painting and hangs in on their wall in a spot that they view frequently. The painting unfolds for them, and serves as a reminder of who they are truly meant to be, while inspiring positive transformation.

"My initial reaction when I first saw the painting was to cry, although it wasn’t until much later that I understood why.  It was an overwhelming moment because I soon came to realize the painting was depicting a window into my soul and allowing me to take the first step on an exciting journey of self-discovery.  Many years later, I now know the title of my painting to be - ‘Beneath the Surface’, revealing those parts of my being hidden from my view. Much Love"



I offer a limited amount of Higher Self Paintings each year.


Starting price $3,800 - 24” x 30” painting

Larger sizes are available


What’s included:

  • Initial in-person or virtual one-on-one session with Patrizia

  • Higher Self Painting, Patrizia takes the next 30-60 days to paint your Higher Self Painting which you keep at the end

  • Reveal session, in-person or virtual session where Patrizia reveals the Higher Self Painting

  • Follow-up check in

If you are interested in getting your Higher Self Painting  contact me at 806-220-6551 to discuss.